About Us

About Us

  1. Langdale Industries Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department handles many necessary functions for you and your fellow affiliates. They are instrumental in providing labor law compliance, record keeping, hiring and training, compensation, relational assistance and help with handling specific performance issues. Please contact one of your HR professionals to learn more about how we can assist you.

  2. Barbara Barrett

    Barbara Barrett

    Director of Human Resources & Benefits

    Phone: 229.333.2548
    Fax: 229.219.2346
    Email: bbarrett@langdaleindustries.com

  3. Michele Daugherty

    Michele Daugherty

    Benefit Specialist

    Phone: 229.333.2567
    Fax: 229.219.2346
    Email: micheled@langdaleindustries.com

  4. Stephanie Mathis

    Stephanie Mathis

    Workers' Compensation Coordinator

    Phone: 229.333.2539
    Fax: 229.219.2346
    Email: smathis@langdaleindustries.com

  5. Hawk Parrish

    Hawk Parrish


    Phone: 229.333.2548
    Fax: 229.219.2346
    Email: hparrish@langdaleindustries.com