About Us

About Us

  1. Langdale Industries Creative Communications Department

    The Creative Communications Department’s primary role is to produce communication vehicles that promote understanding of and good public relations for The Langdale Company and its affiliates. We are responsible for the development and continued maintenance of all affiliate web sites, promotional brochures and employee communications. Please contact one of your creative professionals to learn more about how we can assist you.

  2. Christopher Bridges

    Creative Director

    Phone: 229.333.2339
    Fax: 229.219.2320
    Email: cbridges@langdaleindustries.com

  3. Stephanie Hibberts

    Stephanie Hibberts


    Phone: 229.219.2337
    Fax: 229.219.2320
    Email: shibberts@langdaleindustries.com

  4. Derek Gibbs


    Phone: 229.333.2578
    Fax: 229.333.2533
    Email: dgibbs@langdaleindustries.com